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Wesley Chapel's Chiropractor is The Back to Wellness Center

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Auto Accident Care

Wesley Chapel’s premier auto injury treatment and rehabilition facility



Relief from serious sciatica, back and neck pain with DTS Spinal Decompression Therapy


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Physical Therapy

Whether you’re looking for relief from pain or working to maintain a healthy lifestyle, physical therapy can help you get to where you want to go. Physical therapy treats a wide range of conditions, disorders and injuries. Our goal is to work with you to help you achieve your personal goals.


Electrical stimulation units (commonly referred to as E-stim) use an electrical current to simulate the same electrical impulses activated through normal exercise. It can be used to inhibit the pain receptors to assist with managing symptoms.

E-Stim can be very important for rehabilitative purposes and in enhancing the healing process. E-Stim has several uses including muscle toning, muscle spasm relaxation and pain prevention.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Whether you’re a weekend warrior who wants to prevent an injury (or treat a current one), a youth or high school student injured on the field, or a professional athlete who wants to improve your game, our sports rehabilitation program will help you reach your goals.


Yoga is a great way to manage daily stress as well as improve your overall body function through a series of poses that are performed on the floor, standing, or sitting. The flexibility and adaptability of this form of exercise makes it perfect for many job settings as it needs little equipment. Maybe you have been sitting in your desk all day without moving or find yourself unfocused late in the work day; if so, yoga may be the perfect fit for your busy lifestyle.


Massage is no longer considered a luxury but has become a mainstream method in natural healing and well-being. In fact, many of today’s doctors are prescribing various forms of massage therapy to compliment traditional medical treatment for illness, stress relief, injury and pain. In today’s fast-paced, hectic and stress-filled world, it is one of the most effective ways to reduce and ease the tensions of daily life.

Fitness & Wellness

Our fitness and wellness programs are designed to help you continue to make the transition from injury treatment to strength training and conditioning, or to begin a general wellness program to increase fitness, health and well-being.

What Our Patients Say About Us

Making the decision to visit was incredible. I’ve grown accustomed to the issues in my back and it became my norm. Starting treatment here was the best decision I have ever made. I feel better, I’ve been sleeping better, it is great. The staff is great and is dedicated to your well being.

Ashley Rivers

Great Chiropractor. Dr. Nino really cares about her patients and is very thorough. Come in to see her for any type of spinal or orthopedic problem and she will help you! Can't say enough positive things about her and her approach.

Dr. John Mutiis

After my first appointment today, I was very impressed with Back to Wellness. The staff and chiropractor were both wonderful. I was very impressed with knowledge of my chiropractor. She not only performed the expected adjustments, she also worked on the muscles like a physical therapist. I left feeling much better after the first visit. Thank you!

Will Gibson

We went there for my 12 year old. I love how friendly the staff is, starting with the front. They talked to my daughter kindly and they listened to her as well as took their time with her. I recommend them.

Danielle Sanchez

Welcome to The Back To Wellness Center where we are dedicated to providing the community with the highest standards of care possible.